лична карта школе

There is a three-teaching shift at two school buildings located at the distance of 2 km between them. The old school building was built in 1955 with the building material available at that time but unappropriate from this point of view. The new school building was built in 1980.

During the last 20 years, the housing project of Kaludjerica was spreading faster than it was expected, so the residents’ number as well as the schoolpupils’ became much bigger. As a matter of fact, the number of schoolchildren exceeded the school capacity. As for the period of time after the war activities on the area of the former Yugoslavia the situation became worse: a great number of refugees came to Kaludjerica seeking the shelters for them and their children . That’s why there are three-shifts of teaching beginning from 7.30 AM to 20.00 PM.

The school principal: Radivije Miljic


The primary school
”AleksaSantic”Kaludjerica, No.9
Kralja Petra I , stree

fax: 011 3410 655
E-mail: info@osaleksasantic.edu.rs